Consultancy. Installation & Photographic Services

As we have a flexible approach to our services we can provide all of or part of your consultancy needs. The following list indicates the services we offer but your precise needs can be assessed at an initial consultation, which is of course free.

We can help in deciding on your exact requirements and if required produce the specification for the required system.

Liaise with your chosen suppliers to make sure the quotations received comply with your specification

Manage / supervise or visit as requested to monitor / check the installation progress or when complete to ascertain you have got what you require and it complies with the specification and any relevant standards

From the above your precise needs would be assessed and you would only pay for what you need.

The types of system / installation we can assist you with encompass the wide gambit of the sound industry and include:-

Commercial – Public Address and Voice alarm, inductive loop and infrared systems.
Entertainment – (Pubs, Clubs, Halls etc) – PA systems including stage systems
Places of Worship – Sound Re-enforcement systems, PA systems and most importantly inductive loop and infrared systems
Stadia and Sports Facilities – Public Address and voice alarm.

Basically, anywhere a sound system or aids to the hard of hearing are required

Installation Services

We can provide on-site supervision of the installation, once again this can be tailored to your exact needs so that you only pay for what you require.

We can liaise on your behalf with your chosen contractor, the main contractor (if applicable) and most importantly the client, or more precisely the person who is paying the bill!

They need to be happy and satisfied with the installation from start to finish and are only too please to sign off a completed and working system so that you get paid !

Photographic Services

Through my associate company of Digifocus Photography we offer a wide range of services to the sound industry.

One most important area that is often overlooked is the provision of high quality images of products or installations for publicity use, which can be for company literature, press releases, or web use.

We offer both studio photo shoots (for products) and on site shoots as needed.

The use of high quality images coupled with some information can often lead to publication in both local and national publications, which is of course an excellent source of ‘free’ advertising.