In my many years in the Sound Industry I have collected many and various old pieces of equipment, some of which are interesting, others are just plain boring and I am sure indicate the common trait of keeping things ‘that must come in useful’ or ‘somebody will need one of these’

Microphones (ex studio)

Neumann CMV3 (2 off)
Grampian MCR
STC 4017
STC 4021C (sold)
Grampian MCR
RCA Aeropressure

These were all obtained via the liquidator of a Newcastle based sound company that also had a recording studio. When I started in the sound industry in Newcastle (1967) there were two companies who did most of the work in the area, they were Northern Sound Services Ltd on the Quayside and MortonSound (G L Morton) in Carliol Square (I think they started in business in the 30’s and closed in the late 60’s or 70s). Just to digress slightly , Northern Sound Services Ltd went into liquidation many years ago and I now have re-registered the company.

Wherever sound equipment was supplied or installed in the North East of England these two companies were most likely to have been involved, I new both companies and in fact often hired from Morton Sound who probably supplied most outside PA hire equipment in the area, they used CTH amplifiers and Grampian Exponential horns and then Atlas Sound horns.

When Morton Sound went into liquidation all their stock disappeared !, ‘I wanted to try and buy some of the hire equipment, the iiquidators allegedly had ‘sold’ it all without an auction, as my company was a creditor (only for a few pounds) I pushed them as they indicated there was very little stock and it was worth very little, suddenly I was told that some was stored in what was a warehouse unit in the middle of nowhere, I arrange to visit and was sold 4 off CJ46 and two BIA100 horns all with drivers, this was all that was of interest but they offered me some ;old microphones they didn’t want, and that is were these come from.

They were up for sale on ebay and have all been sold