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Geordie Sound

This is my brief history of the sound industry based in the North East of England.
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This introductory page is only used for notes as I remember bits and pieces

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I am listing many of the suppliers we used it should be pointed out that many of my friends and business colleagues came about through COMSA and the APAE.

Delta, Delta IV, ADS – David Hopkins I first came across David and his business partner Alan Radcliffe more years ago than I like to remember, we bought off them cabinet loudspeakers and it was David who invited me to go to a COMSA (separate information later) meeting in that ‘beautiful’ city called Crewe, they met there because it was supposed to be central for travel but I was never certain for whom it was, certainly not from Newcastle.

We remained firm friends right up to his sad death talking regularly on the phone and bouncing business ideas off each other.

Storacall – Gregor Mackie
Mustang – Martin Tetley
Baldwin Boxall – Terry Baldwin David Boxall
Millbank – Tony Walker
TOA - Harry Greenaway,
Tony Brown – modular
Signet AVX
Current Thinking

COMSA (Communications Marketing and Service Association)


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